Natural Methods of Regulating Your Blood Sugar

We all know it – when your blood sugar levels are high, you’re in danger for diabetes. The most reasonable solution to this is avoiding sugar. However, sometimes, even that is not enough? If diabetes is in your family, you should do more to attain healthy blood sugar levels.

Fortunately, this need not be about medicines or countless doctor visits. Yes, there are natural methods of lowering your blood sugar. Here are 5 tested ways:

Minimize your intake of processed foods.

One of the fastest routes to blood sugar control is giving up processed foods. That means putting those pots and pans to use. Begin cooking and eating healthy food! Load up on meat and fish, whole grains, beans and vegetables! For snacking, go for fruits and nuts and seeds instead of your typical choices.

Increase your fiber.

Fiber won’t only make you poop regularly. Fiber is a must in our bodies, especially if you’re a diabetic or have the tendency to be one. With fiber your carb and sugar absorption rate slows down, hence limiting the volume of glucose that remains in your bloodstream at a time. Additionally, fiber lowers your risk of heart disease and obesity, which is largely related to blood sugar as well. So that’s one more reason to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Eat high-quality protein. As you eat your fruits and veggies, leave room for lots of protein. Protein controls your insulin levels, which in turn helps regulate your blood sugar. Of course it also fills you up enough to tone down your sweets and junk food cravings. A protein-loaded breakfast will make you full and prevent blood sugar spikes for a whole day.

Choose your fats.

Not all fats are the same, and some fats are certainly healthier than the others. What you want are unsaturated fats, which can boost your insulin resistance. Some foods high in monounsaturated fat content are avocado, salmon and olive oil. Skip the usual vegetable oil, which actually contains bad fats.

Reduce your carb intake.

Carbs are still important to health so don’t eliminate it from your diet completely. But do control your consumption of this macronutrient so help normalize your blood sugar levels. For example, exchange your pasta and white bread for complex and thus healthier carbs like brown rice or potatoes.

It’s doable!

As you can see, reducing your blood sugar level starts with making basic changes. Forget those processed foods and start cooking! It’s going to be a little difficult at first, but sooner or later, you will adjust to your new routine, and you will be happy to see encouraging labs. The results of these changes are surely worth the effort!